Ahead of the Curve!

Heroic N'zoth kill shot

Grats all!  And, Lierra, wonderful job with the picture!

Heroic Carapace Shell shocked!

Heroic Carapace kill shot

Heroic Il'gynoth defeated again again!

Heroic Il'gynoth kill shot

This is what, the fourth time we've killed him in some form?  Have you ever seen him and Kael'thas in the same room?

Cleanup on aisle four: Heroic G'huun

Heroic G'huun kill shot

Mops not shown.

Cleanup on aisle three: Heroic Azshara

Heroic Azshara Kill shot

Cleanup on aisle two: Heroic Jaina

Heroic Jaina Kill shot

Cleanup on aisle one: Heroic Blockade

Heroic Blockade kill shot