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Kazzak the First

Before Kazzak became a weekly loot bag, he was a fearsome world boss roving an out of the way corner of the Blasted Lands.  When TBC launched, he was briefly freed from his tether, sending lieutenants to raid some of the capital cities (causing such massive lag that no pictures were possible), and then fled through the portal to Hellfire Peninsula.  This is a screenshot from the peak by him from killing him in Hellfire...December 15, 2007.

Fathom the Unfathomable

This guy stopped us for quite a while.  The boss had 3 assistants you had to defeat first--the first assistant hit incredibly hard on the tank, and dropped a totem that dps had to switch to and kill within about 10 seconds or it wiped the raid.  The second guy had a pet with a stacking debuff of some sort on that tank limiting the time one tank could hold him.  The third did damage to anyone within shooting range.  And each time you killed one of the assistants, the boss picked up one of the powers.

Doom, doom, doom!

Sitting outside the Black Temple entrance was this world boss.  Getting killed by him put a debuff on you that made you take more damage from him, even after you were rezzed/ran back.  You didn't get too many pulls of him.  And, being a world boss, it was often hard to catch him alive. We did, and then he was dead.


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