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Incidentally, I'm prefacing threads I start in the SW:TOR forum with an identifier (TOR) so that people who use the "Recent Content" listing on the website can more easily skip the discussion if they aren't interested in them.  I don't think you have to do anything special in a reply, it will still show up as this thread, but keep it in mind if you start a thread.

Since the vent server is for Trivial only, I'm not comfortable with using it for TOR without Dorkina's approval.  I talked with Pyro, and he thinks that the website server has plenty of bandwidth for the Mumble server he's installed there.  I'd like to suggest that we give it a try.

Here is where you download Mumble:

Server Address:

Port: use the default port of 64738

Join Password: <none>

I'm discussing with Pyro putting a password on it, so that we can change it as we need to.  If you want to test it out sometime, let me know, I've tried it with Pyro and it seems to work as well as vent.  If it doesn't work out for people, I do also have a Teamspeak server we can use.

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I do have a Vent server we can use: : 59546

pw: dreadpirate

I'm happy to allow other people to use it. My old horde guild used to use it but they don't any longer. 50

person so there's not an issue with space.


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Thanks, Tril! I'll be happy to log onto your vent server. I'm looking forward to this one starting up -- pretty nice single-player game I can play with my friends. :) (Though please don't expect me to sit through all of BioWare's cutscenes for a 3rd or 5th time.)



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