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Retrospective: Throne of Thunder

This is a bit different from our other Boss Kill pictures (besides being out of place).  Click the "Read More" to find out just how different...

During the Throne of Thunder era, Real Life prevented us from forming regular 25 man raids.  While we cleared it in some guild LFR's with less than 25 people, because of the Attendance Monster we had to go to 10 man raid groups.  We didn't want to form an A team and B team, so instead we rotated people through on different nights and different times, mixing it up to distribute who went when.  So, for example, it was two very different groups that fought (for example) Council of Elders in different weeks, and for the people that were on it there were two very different "first kills."  Yeah, one happened one week and one happened later, but they were first kills for each.

Normally we don't do front page photos for 10 mans, but since this was a very different circumstance we felt we needed to do something.  Lierra put together a montage of the different bosses that we achieved before the 5.4 patch hit (we've since killed a few more), along with a list of all the people that participated in the runs.  Not all the people on the list were present at every boss kill, but all contributed to the guild's success, and that's what we want to commemorate here.  (The list doesn't include alts we swapped in for some fights.  It's organized by healers, tanks, ranged and melee dps, which is what I used in figuring out who to rotate in each night.)

Thanks to everyone who stuck with it during a very difficult time in our raiding. 

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This is a great solution for the 10 man kills!  Thank you Lierra :)

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Very nicely done!

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What I gather from this is: H needs to use more coloured lights in the pictures. ;P

In all seriousness though, excellent work folks! Especially Lierra for putting the image/photo(s) together. Nicely done.

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