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2021/02/23 H Inerva attempts

To close.

There are a lot of moving parts to the fight, and the hard parts just require a lot of adaptation.  Tantalizingly close.

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why do we hero on pull and not save it for the end when we are all on the verge of death for most of a phase?

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We experimented a bit with hero.  Usually, we use it on pull because a) everyone's trinkets proc at the start of a fight, then are desynced, b) less is going on and people can stand still and dps more.  Those two combine to get the biggest damage increase out of the spell, and most of the parses I looked at had people using it at the start.

There's a few fights where you pick different times, typically because of the healing load.  Sludgefist, for example, has the boss do a mini-enrage at 30%, and we hero to counter the increase in damage there.  N'zoth had a point where you can actually damage the boss itself at 40%, so we used it there.  If you look at this fight (damage taken by ability):

you see that loose anima, the background damage, rises and falls as we open containers but doesn't ramp up during the fight.  The peaks of damage come from mis-handling different mechanics--especially the lines between the orbs (Anima web) or missing a bottle catch or interrupt.  Those aren't things that are made easier by heroism.  I'll look, but I don't think we can cut out one set of orbs by moving heroism to that phase.  And, it might not help anyways: