Anyone still playing?

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I was for about a month when it came out, but it just didn't quite gel for me.  Is anyone still playing?

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Lucette and I both let our subscriptions lapse. We found that we just don't really have the time for two all-in MMO's. So the better MMO won. :)

Still, I enjoyed playing it. May pick it up again down the road.

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I haven't been back in months.  If there's story there somewhere intended to grab a Player and make her interested in her character's background, present, and future, I never found it.

But it was a pretty world (after the intro) with very nice animations.  And some lovely enhancements to the concept of crafting systems and use of in-game mail.

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Yea, I just couldn't be grabbed by it.  I wanted to like it, given how much I enjoy the ES games, but just wasn't there for me.

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I've also let my subscription lapse.  I kept having slower and slower response after 30 - 60 minutes of playing, and it just got to be too off putting.

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