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My grandsons play Minecraft and a game about plants..forget the name

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I honestly don't know if these games are single player, multi-player or both. I do know my 11 yr old and 7 yr old grandsons James and Shane play them religiously. Those two are going to be major players in  the gaming world as they get older! They play Plants versus Zombies and Minecraft a lot.

Another game they play quite a lot involves tunneling thru underground areas. They have their homebase in between encountering monsters. They also enjoy Spore in its various iterations. I hope these are single player, but I don't know since I don't play them.

Bottom line? Those two love gaming. James is probably nearly ready for WoW, at least to some degree.



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Hmm the 2nd game sounds like either Terria or Starbound.


However there may be a small glitch in it all :(


Almost every online service based in the US will not allow those under 13 on & be account holders which would require parental supervision for legal reasons and WoW is one of those services.  So just a heads up as there are a few things to take into considerating with age.

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Not that it stops kids from playing these games in any way. My 8yr old nephew had had a WoW account for 2 years now. His mom holds the account and he just goes and plays whatever he wants. Call of Duty even. Not what I would have him playing, but his friends are little better.

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Some parents don't even know there is a rating code for games ( very similar to that for movies ).  Non-savvy parents can often be talked into buying inappropriate games with the argument "But all my friends play it."  I am very much for urging parents to be very careful of the games they are willing to let their offspring play regularly.


But then, I've also helped make games that I would not have in my house.  Got strange looks for that.  But... while I'm proud of almost everything I've made, I recognize when something is appropriate for most children and when something is appropriate for those with more life experiences.  If it was not appropriate for my daughter, I did not want it to be easily accessible.


Just my pennyworth.  Your mileage may vary.

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Yeah, if James (my 11 yr old grandson) were to try WoW it would be on my account. They both live with us with their Mom (my daughter). The interesting thing is James and Shane are as different as night and day. James tends to wilt and cry when facing a challenge he keeps failing at. Shane screams and is ready to take heads.

Both are a bit  young, I think.

Oh, Terraria or is it Terria, that is the other game they love.

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