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Completionism - frustrating

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TOR has definitely figured out how to keep someone addicted: Force them to make decisions in discussions which close off entire plotlines.

What would have happened had you chosen the other option will then eat away at you night and day until you are forced to make an entire new toon of the same class just to see it..

In WoW I still regret never levelling a horde character all the way up pre-Cata.  I always got stuck somewhere in the teens or 20s wishing for Trivialites to vent to.  But ToR is worse. 

Of course, this is not what's keeping me off WoW at raid times - raid times suck for me, just as they always have.  Sigh. 

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I know what you mean.  :)  I've several times escaped out of conversations to try them with different companions.  And I'm working my way through one each of the Republic story lines...I have no idea if there is really end game content with my one level 50, working on too many of the other stories.  Though ME3 is about to hurt my TOR play time.

Hope your schedule changes so I see you in one of these two games.  )

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