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TOR - inaccurate companion gift guides

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I've noticed that if I google SWTOR companion gift guide, at least the first five or so that show up are simply wrong.  Kira Carsen doesn't like Underworld Goods at all.  T7 does like Cultural Artifacts, but what he really wants is Technology, which is usually not listed. 

So it's definite buyer beware on that, and the player base doesn't seem to have caught up with it yet, because the inaccurate ones are still at the top of Google. 

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Interesting.  I'd only given Kira Luxury goods, having lots of other places to send my underworld goods.  I use the chart at, which does have T7's affinity for tech, but I see the claim that Kira likes underworld in second place.

I presume you noticed that up through 4000 affection it's more cost-effective to use the rank 1 goods rather than rank 2?


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