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Looking for pros & cons of Deadly Boss Mods vs BigWigs

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Having lost all my addons in my botched "back up" before deleting and reinstalling WoW, I'm now realizing that I ought to ask some questions I didn't know to ask back in my Vanilla days (which is how long I've been running some of my addons).  DeadlyBossMods and BigWigs are an one-or-the-other choice.  I was wondering if anyone could articulate for me the pros and cons of that choice.  

My biggest criteria is that my most active characters tend to be healers of one flavour or another, so I view addons mostly with an eye to what would make a healer's job easier/more effective.

But I do have all other flavours of alts; they are - save the little Warlock - just not seeing very much play this expansion.

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Well, I'm partial to BigWigs as you know, but DBM seems to be more widespread.  I would say run only one of them, you'll go crazy with two sets of warnings.

When I tried them both long ago, BigWigs used significantly fewer system resources, which is no longer the issue it once was, but mostly I liked the displays and their customizability.  I'm able to get a bar with text on it counting down the seconds to a major event; I can decide to get voice cues if I want them, and a few other functions that only matter to raid leaders.

One thing to note about BigWigs is that they keep it as lean as possible: the package you download only has information for the current raid.  If you want to have the timers for the old raids, you need to download the appropriate BigWigs package.  If you want to have the information for dungeons, you need LittleWigs.

Currently, the developer of DBM has made a request to the community for additional funding or he'll stop maintaining it...apparently raiding has fallen off in Shadowlands (Gee, can't imagine why...) and his income has severely dropped.  Also, the leading guilds develop their own WeakAuras to do all their boss timings.  The BigWigs team is a couple of people, who develop quite a number of addons, and I haven't seen any statements from them.

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