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Shoutout to Trivial from the floor of Blizzcon 2011! (Sticky)

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Eight minutes in, "Hi, I just wanna quickly say hi to my guildies in Trivial on Hyjal..."

Zoizia located the video, I posted it and that's the extent of our involvement. cool

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Awesome!  Three guesses as to which hunter asked that question )

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I think it sounds like someone named Zyrena ;O)

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Hehe, I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice.

That was one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever done! I was fine until it was my turn, then standing there under the spotlight and hearing my own voice echo back at me from the cavernous expanse of that room...well let's just say I'm glad the camera couldn't show how badly my knees were shaking.

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You did great, Zyrena.  :)  I just wish they'd given you a real answer!

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I thought it was a little strange that a number of people appeared to be coming up and asking a question they had apparently written up on their smartphone, until I realized how nerve-wracking it must be. Well done, Zy. :)

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Sorry I missed it!  I was there, but working most of the show.

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Dude, you were awesome!  And dang, how come no one ever told me just how handsome you are?

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Yup, caught that while we were sitting in the audience! Way to go Zyrena!

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