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Well hullo there Trivs! I've missed ya. I have been away from wow for several months mainly due to a dinosaur PC that was, well a dinosaur. On top of that the end of last year was incredibly hectic for me. So I took a break from gaming commitments. But, In February, I built a new PC. Thats right ladies 'n gents dove off the deepend of hardware configurartion, compatibility stats, and the all important question, how much RGB is too much... So I am pleased to announce the arrival of Blue Ice. You can check out the current configuration here ( All that is left is to upgrade the cables with custom pro cables from (

All of this is to say that I am generally back in the world of Azeroth. I've been finishing up the Argus storyline, and I am almost done with that. Now just to gear up to join in on some raids.

See you around!


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Great to have you back, Aenala!

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Welcome back!  

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