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Hey everyone. I hope your all doing well. I'm just droping you all a line to let you know that im still alive and kicking. I hope you guys are downing lots of new stuff. Also just messaging you to appologize for not being around lately. I have been dealing with things in my life and unfortunatly it means my video game time has a been limited to very little. I plan on coming back to raiding status when BfA comes out so I ask that you be patient with me and in no time at all , All of the amazing druid heals will be back to keep the Rogues alive ( and everyone but common, we all know that the rogues need the most help).


talk to you all very soon

Dom A.K.A Shadken

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Thanks for checking in Shadken!  I was asking around but no one knew what you were up to.  Hope things settle down for you in RL.

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