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Back and apologizing

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Hey everyone. 

  I'm back.  I'm sorry for bailing without saying anything way back when.  I can't even remember how long it's been.  Some stuff happened that I had to deal with, and no, I wasn't in jail or anything like  Anyway, I'm downloading the game and will start playing again soon.  I'm not sure if I'll be using an old character or if I'll start a new one.  Looks like there have been lots of changes.  I don't have any expectations about being let back in the guild.  It'd be nice, but if not, I understand.  I still feel bad about leaving and not saying anything.  

Well, I just wanted to say hi n stuff.  Glad to still see some familiar names here on the website.  Hope to see you all in game smiley


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Welcome back! You’re more than welcome on whatever toons you like! We’re just glad you’re back!

think Deadskitch will make a return?

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Welcome back, Skitch! You know how Trivial is, we’re alsays happy to see members return to the game!!

There certainly has been a fair bit of change. Take your time, enjoy the quest text. If you feel like getting back into raiding, that’ll be happening several weeks from now too.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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Awesome!  Welcome back Skitch!

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