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Just putting this here for those that haven't seen it.


My only comment is that Bliz seems to have outdone themselves on the creepy factor for this expansion.

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For those who need some backstory, Wowhead has put together a lore summary that unfortunately contains some spoilers (it has, for example, a recap of the relevant story lines on both the Alliance and Horde sides):

A non-spoiler summary for those who may not know the history: the "that wasn't our deal" she says at the beginning was about the deal she made with Sargeras; N'toth (the tentacled old god) steps in at that point to offer a new deal.

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Very cool stuff. If you'd ever wondered how the Naga were born, now you know. I liked how Azshara turned the tables on N'zoth. He needed her more than she needed him, and she was willing to die to prove it.

Makes me want to see more of her, I'm almost sad we're going to be killing her before we really get to know her.

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Unlike the others in this style, this felt to me like the perfect marriage of storytelling and art style: doing a whole lot to tell a story with very little dialogue or animation, with each serving the other masterfully (even if the dialogue itself was a little weak, in typical Blizzard fashion). Even so, the sound throughout gave me chills.

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