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Hey Trivs!

My wife told me that our daughter dropped her Galaxy S4 while they were in Poland, and now it's broken. The screen has gone the way of the dodo, so I have no idea of knowing what is going on with the phone.

Normally, I wouldn't care...but she took a bunch of photos before she left her home and wants to keep them, so I need to get them off the phone. When I plug the micro-usb into my computer, it recognizes the connection but Win10 does not display anything in the Windows Explorer program. Compounded by the fact that I cannot tell what's on the screen, so I can't see if I need to tap the "connect a media device". Win10 spend a few minutes trying to get it displayed, but then quits and goes back to being a paperweight.

Anyone know a method for getting around this? Samsung Galaxy S4...

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Hope you've had some luck between then and now, Des. Was there, by any chance, an SD card installed on the phone? (Perhaps under the battery?)

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