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Warbringers: Jaina, continued

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Since orig topic was locked... I just watched this video about a month ago.  Since I first learned about the song by having it "sung" to me by a random ferryman...i.e. displayed as text... my overwhelming impression, when I saw the video, was: Cool video, awesome to see them pick up the plot thread of the orc campaign from freaking Warcraft 3, great IDEA for a song, great music, love the singers, and they BADLY need to hire an impoverished poetry student to write their lyrics.  


You can almost see the writer start out thinking he's going to go for rhymes... then being like aw heck, how about just two lines rhyme per verse... then oh well, how bout just vowel rhymes ("Cry"/"tide").  


This is a great verse as sung in the video: 

"Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea?

Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?

Always the pride of our nation’s eyes,

How could she go astray?"


But is it "Did YOU forget" or "How could SHE"?  Pick one, can't be both, lol.  


And did Jaina just "Stand aside"? WEAK SAUCE! She TURNED HER BACK and watched those BUTCHERS OF STORMWIND SLAUGHTER HER FATHER!

(yes, I know that's not an accurate picture of the situation, but it's what the SONG is going for, and it should be painting a more vivid picture.  And actually, for people old enough to have played that, she actually did a lot more than stand aside - she actively helped the other side, though the singer probably would not know that fact).  

I dunno.  Like I said, I was introduced to it as scrolling text and thought oh, here's a half-baked poem some Blizz guy tossed off for kicks, nice little easter egg.  Then I found out it was part of a major promotional video where they obviously spent loads of money on everything but the words.  Made me think Azeroth needs a poet laureate :) 

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