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Trivial Facebook page administration note - looking for information from Trivial

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For what feels like the 20-dozenth time, I have today again rejected the user who generally calls himself/herself Iflamme - or an alternative much longer name that contains that term within it.  In the questions we ask of prospective Facebook page members, he/she does not give a name recognized by me as a Trivial member or associate, and she/he lists no known Trivialites as his contact.  Yet he/she persists - on a twice monthly basis, it seems, to request membership.  If I am making a mistake by refusing him/her and any of you Trivialites actually recognize this name, PLEASE let me know.  And let her/him know that he/she needs to write accurate answers to our questions.  

Otherwise I will continue to reject him.  After all, I feel some responsibility to maintain a reasonable level of privacy for Trivial's people.

Thank you for your attention.


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For those that read this let's try to ask this question in Gchat at high pop times. Be thanks for dealing with it Lierra. I bet he is just confused and I hope not malicious.

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