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How to be a Faceless One

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For those thinking of trying for the Faceless One title before the pre-patch, which requires soloing both Horrific Visions with all five masks active, below are some general tips on how I did it. It has gotten a lot easier now with better gear and overall familiarity so I can sometimes go for extra objectives during 5-masks but if you're trying it for the first time I advise doing only what is needed to finish the run. If anyone has any questions about specific areas let me know.

The most important resource in a 5-mask is time (vis-a-vis Sanity). With that in mind:

1. Crystals and chests are not worth it.

2. None of the buff mobs in either instance are worth it. Seriously. The buffs sound good on paper but waste precious time to get.

3. Potions are useful if they are convenient but only go out of your way for the +100 sanity potion.

4. Don't try for the Mail Muncher if your goal is the title.

5. Buffs: Ghastly Goulash, flask, augment rune. Heroism on Shaw and Alleria in SW, and on Thrall in Org. Some people like to Hero on Rexxar too but I do him last so I must save it for Thrall.

6. Bring some K'Babs too. These have a three minute cooldown so be careful that you will out of combat long enough (10 seconds) to get the sanity before you eat one.

7. Try very hard to have at least one orb left for the end boss. They will smoke you if you pull with low Sanity, especially Alleria.

8. SW order: Dwarven District (Therum Deepforge), Old Town (Matthias Shaw), Trade District (Slavemaster Ul'Rok), Mage Quarter (Magister Ulric). Run in that order and the only portal you will need back to the Cathedral is after Mage Quarter. You'll be ignoring the mobs in the back of the Square.

9. Org order: Valley of Wisdom (Vez'okk the Lightless), Valley of Spirits (Oblivion Elemental), The Drag (Inquisitor Gnshal), Valley of Honor (Rexxar). Again, if you run in that order you will only need to use the totem after Rexxar to get back to the Valley of Strength. You'll be ignoring the mobs along the right side of the Valley of Strength. You could do Spirits before Wisdom if you want but I think the other way is less running and therefore faster. YMMV.

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Some minor comments/differences:

2.  I feel that the bonus mob in the first area is worth getting, the sanity drain in that area is low.  I did skip the others.  My first 5 mask run I did skip the crystals, the second I think I picked up 2 that were not being guarded (hey, I'm a rogue).

5.  I didn't remember to bring drums so didn't have heroism for any of the bosses.  I'm not sure it helps on Shaw, he spends so much of his time on vacation...  When he does disappear, of course, prioritize keeping your back to the eyes.  Solo, he will always come to you when he reappears, so you can get back on him.  I find him harder to do in a group.

8.  For the Trade district, be sure you run back out the archway you came in, it saves you two stealthers to kill.  On Alleria, especially for those of us with low dps, think about where you want her fire bombs placed so you always have pillars to use to get her to come to you, and be able to fight her without standing in fire.

10.  If you don't kill stuff quite as fast as Firemane, know which ones do stuns (e.g. Touch of the Abyss).  Make sure those mobs get killed first/interrupted.  One stun leads to another very, very quickly.  Oh, and use stealth to ignore the mobs on the right and left of the Valley of Strength, and the Cathedral district.  )

11.  You actually have more time than you think in doing the run, but it is the limiting factor.  Don't push it or try to do something tricky you've read about but never tried.  )  If your gift procs, fight something while it's still running.

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Nice writeup!  I like to get all the buffs but that's just me =P

Another few things to add is you can just jump through the tumors between zones (although I kill the eyeballs).  I also try to maximize sanity with the mini bosses that give you +200.  If you are only missing 100 sanity, kill a few more mobs until you kill that mini boss =)

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Honesty wrote:
I feel that the bonus mob in the first area is worth getting, the sanity drain in that area is low.

I do usually kill Naros in the Blacksmithing hut in Valley of Strength (Org), but that's only because he's convenient and 10% damage is the best overall buff. Gamon is waaaay out of the way and his buff (10% health) is meh. The other two possible buff mobs in Org are Bwemba (10% haste and movement) in Valley of Spirits and Warpweaver Dushar (10% crit) in The Drag. Both are easy to get to. I might kill Bwemba if I'm good on Sanity but Dushar for the crit buff is not worth a Fire Mage's time.

For my money, none of the buff mobs in SW are worth the effort. Agustus Moulaine in the Cathedral Square armor shop is easy enough to kill but 7% versatility isn't exactly sexy. 10% haste from the Bear Rug fight would be okay but that fight is too annoying and time consuming. The 10% damage buff requires navigating a mine field which is just a time sink, and the Neglected Guild Bank again gives a crit buff which Fire Mages don't care about. But as before YMMV.

Honesty wrote:
On Alleria, especially for those of us with low dps, think about where you want her fire bombs placed so you always have pillars to use to get her to come to you

Protip: you have to line of sight her Void Eruption using the pillars, but you can also use them to line of sight Chains of Servitude. She'll still Chain you but you'll just get pulled into the pillar. The only thing to watch for there is that you're not standing in your own puddle from Mask of the Burned Bridge so give yourself a little room to be pulled toward the pillar.

Honesty wrote:
If you don't kill stuff quite as fast as Firemane

I will admit that Combustion is almost unfair in there. It just melts all the bosses outright except the end bosses, and even they are in pretty bad shape after it's over. Other than Thrall and Alleria (and Shaw because he's a little vanishing rogue wimp) I don't generally even have to worry about boss mechanics because they never have time to cast anything. Rexxar has adds? What adds?

Honesty wrote:
know which ones do stuns (e.g. Touch of the Abyss). Make sure those mobs get killed first/interrupted. One stun leads to another very, very quickly.

In SW these are the SI Informants. In Org they are the K'thir Dominators. Focus and kill them immediately. The Aqir Swarmleader in the Valley of Honor has a small stun and also buffs the mobs around it. Kill on sight.

The Void Elementals in the Mage Quarter cast Void Buffet, making you vulnerable to Shadow damage which can become an issue when the other dudes in the area are lobbing Shadow arrows and Mind Flay at you. I usually target them first and interrupt Buffet as much as possible.