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Thinking about quitting WoW

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The subject seems to sum it up pretty well for me. I'm not enjoying this expansion even a little. My distaste for the various factions ranges from active dislike to I can't make myself care, with most on the active dislike end of the scale. At the moment I can't even progress in the main storyline because of a bugged scenario. I momentarily thought about bringing an alt into Shadowlands, but I truly don't want to suffer through it all over again.  All of this tells me the game just sucks and I regret giving Blizzard money for it. The flip side is that I would miss all of you terribly if I left. I've just killed my subscription, which means my account is paid for until the beginning of May. I guess I'll have to see how I feel when the time comes. If I don't ever go back to that crappy scenario it'll answer the question pretty definitively.

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know what you mean... i didnt buy shadowlands until a couple days before.  and i dont like learning a whole new system again..... But i am sticking it out for now becuase i like raiding the most.. the only thing that keeps me playing is hearing honesty tell us what to do, me dorking it up and die, blaming Dork, and then trying again until we get it... its the team aspect that keeps me going, and the other stuff in the game allows me to Raid so i pound through it......  lol..   Carewee :)

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I think part of the problem is that even though they delayed the game, I think a bit of it still not completely cooked.  We bought a beta version of the game. I mostly blame COVID forcing the devs to work from home.  Thanks, COVID!  I've seen some bugs as well, some which I've had to come back later to see if they have been resolved.  The level squish has been jarring to say the least and the transition back to weakling seems increased somehow.  Either way, the story elements I'm mostly enjoying and as always I enjoy the company of the guild.  You would certainly be missed, but we all have to judge individually whether we are having enough fun or want to be doing something else.  Hope to see you around!

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