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Diablo II: Resurrected

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Heya Trivs!

So, I'm on one of my periodic WoW hiatuses at the moment mostly because SL just doesn't do it for me. Which isn't to say that I'm not bummed about that. I actually really wanted to like it. I've taken breaks before but my reaction to a WoW expansion has never been this negative. Not even with WoD.

Anyway, no need to reheat that particular skillet of hash right now. At the moment I have renewed interest in another game that used to take up many of my waking hours: Diablo 2, for which of course there is a "Resurrected" version coming out some time this year. I wanted to see if any of my fellow Trivs intend to revisit Sanctuary in its prime and with a new coat of paint. I myself couldn't be more jazzed. D3 is a decent game but not the masterpiece that D2 was and is. I do have high hopes for D4 though.

In the meantime I downloaded and fired up the old D2 in anticipation and to get hyped for D2:R, which I've already pre-purchased. I am (of course) playing a Fire Sorceress named (of course) Firemane on USEast. If anyone is feeling nostalgic and wants to tag along some night let me know, would be good to hear some familiar voices. Right now Fire is an expansion ladder character but I'm probably going to re-roll her in single player/open which would have the advantage of making her portable to single/open D2:R when it comes out.

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Hey, FM

I played D2 for about two years back when it came out.  Sorta burned out on it, but yes it was a great game.  Not sure if I'll pick it up after they remaster, but D4 does look interesting.