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Some of you may or may not know that I'm very active as a volunteer coach in the local Northern VA soccer program. My 12yo plays (like his older brother AND sister), and I promised him that as long as he wanted to play, I'd be his coach. We are the Thunder Football Club, or Thunder FC.

Yesterday, we played in the end of the season tournament, and we WON! The championship game was the most exciting game all year, with back and forth goals...we scored, they tied it, we scored again, they tied it, they scored, then we tied it with 5m left in regulation. Went straight to PKs, and my boys kicked like champs, and we won 3-1 on PKs. It was crazy and happy and exciting and I was so proud of our team - we worked so hard, progressed so much, and walked away with the UGLIEST championship t-shirts ever!

I don't know how to post a picture correctly here, but I can tell you it was pandemonium.

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Awesome Des!  Congratulations to your son!

Is it a t-shirt or a tabard now?  )

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Just imagine THIS color yellow...ALL OVER...

Considering the league colors are Red & White. well, someone got shirts at a fire sale, clearly. LOL

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