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2021/03/02 Heroic entry and Lady Inerva first kill

We won't count the first pull on Shriekwing...everything else including Inerva was a one shot! 

Best of all, no trash epics!


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Lady Inerva had a couple of nerfs that helped out quite a bit.  Here's the damage by ability from the best previous pull, where I've taken just the duration of our kill:

Contrast that to the same chart for the kill:

The Loose Anima is the background damage done to everyone during the fight to keep the healers entertained.  It increases when you open a container, but in general it's just always happening.  It was nerfed 10%, and since it's the major source of damage it means everyone is healthier for the other mechanics of the fight.

The other big change made a difference in deaths, not in absolute numbers.  Shared suffering is the damge from the lines between the players who have to clear the orbs.  Previously, that did damage to the people who had to clear the orbs, now it only does damage to people who get caught by the lines in between them.  We went from 358 ticks of damage to 56, cutting out a quarter of a million damage.  Where this made the biggest difference was late in the fight, when we had a lot of damage from other sources, the people with the lines would sometimes die from that additional damage, meaning they couldn't move and we couldn't clear the orbs.

In addition to the nerfs, though, people played better.  Orbs were cleared very quickly; this is the duration of the debuff on the people with lines:

Most orb trios were cleared in 7-8 seconds, one was cleared in 3 seconds.  None of the tossed bottles were missed.  We did still have 2 people dead from Anima Web (that's the lines between the orbs, which rotate for part of the fight). Our average ilvl was 1 higher, and it shows in the increase in dps.  Nicely done everyone!