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2021/04/06 Heroic Sludgefist attempts

12% was our best...but nice getting 13 tries in.

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Going through the logs to understand the early pulls...while a couple are just early shots, I think mostly they are an unintended byproduct of the way we're setting up our starting position.  One or more of our rogues pop Shroud of Concealment, we move into position, and then start.  What isn't recognized is that Shroud is a stealth ability, not as good as invisibility, and lots of actions will break it.  Any attack will pop you out of stealth, and any ground targeted AE (even if its healing) will do so as well.

In particular, it looks like Codruus placing a healing rain breaks stealth.  Adonismars starting a Wrath cast pops her out of stealth as well.  In try number 4, nobody hit the boss before Aracelas, but we did have 2 people lose their stealth

Weirdly, Snowfrost casting Misdirection on Aracelas pops him out of stealth, and then back into it.  (He loses and regains the shroud aura less than 0.5 seconds later.)  Ddear casting lifebloom on Romules pops him out of stealth, then back in.  At the start of the fight, though, both of them have shroud running, so I think that's ok.

What I think is happening with the early pulls is that some people are precasting things (usually that's best practice).  Some of those things pop you out of stealth, Sludgefist notices because we are so close, and hilarity ensues.  We can either a) change to have the ranged start out of "notice" range, or b) not precast.