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2021/04/25 H Stone Generals first kill

And our first night, of many, on Heroic Sire.  Comments later.


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So, a couple of comments--

Night Hunter--this is the new mechanic in phase 1.  Two people are selected, an add charges at them.  The damage they take is lessened by every person standing along the line.  Anyone standing within 4 yards of them (in the circle) takes the same damage they do.  Here's the damage from the hit for our best attempt:

At each time, only 2 people (the targets) should be hit by the Insatiable Hunger.  We did great on the first 4 night hunters, and then had a mess for the fifth.  Each hit heals him for 150% of the damage he does:

so he got a fair amount of healing off that. 

You can see an example of the thing I was warning folks about at 3:10 in the fight (somewhere near this in the replay, you may need to adjust)

If you click on the night hunters, you can see who they are targeted on.  One of them is on Argen, he's up against the wall and immunes the damage with ice block.  Snow and Aracelas move into that beam, not realizing this, but no big deal.  Sadly, Pandemonio, the target of the other Night Hunter, is moving further away from it (as he's supposed to), runs through Snow and Snow is thus standing right at the intersection of the two beams.  Ouch.

In general, I'd say people were doing good at learning this mechanic.  By the end, most of the time only 2 people got hit, and they survived the damage.  Just need to be perfect with it, that's all that's required.

Painful Memories/Blood price--this is the interaction we'll have to schedule our healing cd's around.  Every time we cleanse a group, we get a bunch of little adds to kill.  Those adds do damage until they are killed, and a few moments after they die (when we're doing it right) we get the blood price, where everyone takes a big hit of damage and there is nothing anyone can do about it while we're stunned.  We have to go into the blood price stun with all the adds dead (they keep doing damage while we are stunned) and everyone over half health to survive.  Our first 2 sets of adds are good, but we aren't as fast at killing the third set, they do more damage, we have people not survive the blood price.

In this phase, the damage we take is mostly due to the little adds.  Take a look at

and click on just painful memories (the damage from the little guys) and Blood Price (the pick up in the air thing).  Our first section is fine, the second not so much--you can see that some of the little guys survive past the blood price.  Looking at the replay, we're a bit further away from the wall when the cleansing pain happens, so we get a bit more of a spread on the little guys.  Maybe we can try getting more to the wall for this.  It also may be good, if you have big ae's that cover big areas, save them for this third group rather than using them on the first/second.

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This is Dd.  (I raided last expansion with Twm).  This post is about Sire Denathrius Phase I Healing.  

There's lots of damage incoming during Phase I.  As you likely know, Blood Price happens 3 times in Phase I, tosses us into the air, and lasts ~ 8 sec.  There are large damage spikes before and after we are thrown up in the air by Blood Price. 

Looking at the logs, the first BP is at about 24 sec into the fight, the 2nd BP is about a minute later at 1 min 20 sec, and the 3rd BP is a minute later at 2 min 20 sec.  I think we need big heals before and after we are tossed in the air.  It might be worthwhile assigning raid wide healing cooldowns to deal with this damage.

The healers were already doing this ad hoc, but were not always consistent.  I think we need to cast 1 raid wide healing CD before each Blood Price and cast 2 more raid wide healing CDs after we hit the ground.  What makes assigning CDs a bit of a challenge is we have different cooldown times.  Tranq is 2 min.  Chain Harvest is 1.5 min.  I think the rest (of the big ones) are 3 min.  I don't think Pallies have a raid wide healing CD.  Here's how I would set it up

  20 sec Drunken (Revival)

  24 sec Blood Price #1 (tossed in the air)

  32 sec Cod (Chain Harvest); Dd (Tranq)


  1:18 Avatorq(Revival)

  1:20 Blood Price#2 (1 min 20 sec)

  1:28 Lierra(Divine Hymn); Cod(Healing Tide Totem)


  2:18 Help!  Dd(Convokes Spirit)

  2:20 Blood Price#3

  2:28 Cod (Chain Harvest); Dd (Tranq)

I am hoping some of you have cooldowns available at the 2 min 18 sec spot.  Of course, this would change depending on what healers are available.

Please view this as more of a start of a convesation - not the answer.