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2021/05/11 Sire attempts

And a normal kill.  Loot list records what dropped, but not who it was traded to, due to the various hiccups we were having.

Set a new record of 36%!


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So, our best attempt:

Nobody died in phase 1!  In fact, we were getting good enough with phase 1 that we had to slow dps to make sure everyone got cleared of stacks, and in the last attempt just huddled everyone up to cleanse on 5th cleanse...and managed to beat the blood price (which would have been bad otherwise).  Very impressive how much we've improved on phase 1.

Our first couple of deaths were due to the crescendo--that's the little puddles that form under your feet after one of the chorus adds dies.  They do some damage, but more importantly send you flying.  We got better at being careful about what we killed when to reduce that, but may still need a little practice.  Massacre got a couple more people.

And then phase 3.  Each Fatal Finesse (big red circle) leaves behind a red orb that needs to be soaked...and what makes phase 3 so hard is that every one of these overlaps with some other effect.  The various first one, he does a hand of destruction immediately after the orbs form, which pulls everyone to him.  There are a few classes (mages in particular) that can avoid it/return fast and continue to soak, but we have to just plan on a stampeding roar after each one.