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2021/05/25 Heroic Sire attempts

So, after a week off there was a lot of remembering to do.

I think the main things I noticed is that we were having trouble with the phase 1 lines...if you are the target of the night hunter, move back to the wall and stop, so that people can orient themselves.  Possibly more comments as I look at the parse.

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So, the impales.  Here's our first death in try 10 (the one we got to 40%):

You can zoom in, and I recommend sliding it back about 10 seconds and then playing it at half speed.  Roenn is on the right, dpsing the remaining ranged add.  He gets targeted with Impale, and is already standing where he's supposed to on the right.  Aenala and Alyrra also get impale, and move to the right side of the bridge.  But watch Remoria, the sword moved and hits Aenela first, then goes through Roenn to get to Alyrra, then back to Roenn.  The double hit of impale kills him before the double stack of the bleed has a chance to.

This fight has lots of steps that require a lot of awareness by people as they move--the night hunters in phase 1 as well as the impales both require understanding where you are and what's going to happen when whatever's targeting you hits you (in phase 3, this role is played by the fatal finesse/smoldering ire).  So, yes, run to the sides of the bridge, but also be aware of where your line is going and stay out of them.  For melee, note that Remoria leaves where she is being cleaved in melee and you can be damaged if you are in the way.

It looks like the next batch of deaths is just after one of the cabalists is killed, looks like 4 people are caught by the puddles and thrown off.  This is well before the hand, you can see he doesn't cast hand until quite a bit after people die (I get pulled back from the balcony add when the hand happens).  It can be hard to see, so if you hear the call that the add dies, move out.  Yes, dps is important, but surviving is more important, and if you have to move to be able to see safety then do so.