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2022/04/13 Heroic

Tough night with sicknesses and absences and dreaded work interfering.  Still, got to see Skolex...need to see why he likes to do the first rend on the melee...

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As I mentioned, Skolex is a hard one for the tanks.  Let's look at try 3.

At the start of the fight, he does a couple of melee attacks and dust flails, and then starts into his first tank combo just 7 seconds into the encounter.  By the time the first Riftmaw finishes casting, it catches both tanks together...that means that the second one later kills Rom because both have the debuff.

If you look later in the same replay, around the 40 second mark--you'll see Skolex doing a Riftmaw (part of the tank combo).  He's targeted on Kil, following him as he casts Riftmaw...and Kil moves just far enough away that the worm switches to Orion and applies the Riftmaw, which is instantly fatal.  (You can see the cone illustrated.)  This is the classic problem with the fixed bosses, you have to stay inside their melee range, which is often less than yours.

Finally, one mistake of mine--I should have warned the people that were at range that the blasts on heroic are AE--that's why we wound up with more stacks, people were inside the range of each other, which led to more stacks.  I'll mention it again next time, since nobody reads the web site.  )

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I'll mention it again next time, since nobody reads the web site.  )

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