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2022/06/01 Two new bosses

Heroic Pantheon and Skolex!  How the worm turns!

Much improved on the worm when I don't make a mistake.  )

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So, on Lihuvim, it looks like the tank combo is too fast to realistically taunt swap, and thus the tank will just have to use a big CD.  (It was reduced from 8 seconds for the combo to 5 seconds, and the area of effect was reduced slightly.)

Link for the below

Here's the first combo in our best try:

00:35.211Lihuvim Melee Kilraxas Parry

00:37.002Lihuvim Melee Kilraxas Parry

00:41.728Lihuvim Kinetic Resonance Kilraxas 21434 (U: 67275, M: 45841, 68.14%)

00:41.728Lihuvim Kinetic Resonance Teebob 57992 (A: 18406) (U: 112126, M: 35728, 31.86%)

00:41.728Lihuvim Kinetic Resonance Romules 24854 (A: 24233) (U: 112126, M: 63039, 56.22%)

00:43.246Lihuvim Sundering Resonance Kilraxas 63227 (U: 67275, M: 4048, 6.02%)

00:43.246Lihuvim Sundering Resonance Romules 98802 (A: 21458) (O: 13097) (U: 112126)

00:44.768Lihuvim Kinetic Resonance Kilraxas 42270 (A: 2469) (U: 67275, M: 22536, 33.50%)

The "U:" number is the raw size of the hit, before any Mitigations or Absorbs.  "O" is overkill.  It's a big area, it was targeted on Kil and caught Rom and Tee in the blast.  Tee (wisely) got out after the first hit of the combo.  I am a bit confused by the size of the hit; the second resonance hits should each be 50% more than the first, but they aren't.  It looks like the attack is gentler on demon hunters than on others.  In any case, we'll just have to use a tank cooldown each time.  In a typical kill Lihuvim does the first combo about 40 seconds in, then at 2:20, 3:00, 4:40 and 5:20, so you're looking at alternating tank 2 min cooldowns.  But, it is important to keep people out of the area.  There is additional raidwide AE happening at the same time.