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2022/07/13 Heroic right side

AKA Skolex and a lot of tries on Xymoz.  We had a surprising amount of trouble getting the two acolytes dead before they ascended, I'll look at that.

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Looking at a couple of the tries...we had problems when the two acolytes were far apart, we'd kill the first and not quite get the second.  In a couple of cases, we had to divert effort to traps, and that caused us to miss having enough damage on the second.

Baiting the traps is tricky...they are targeted near people in the raid, typically those at range.  And sometimes he triggers them just after we've all had to take portals or be relocated, so it's hard to get them where you want them.  Once the traps are active, they can catch you on the tank pull (glyph of relocation).  They won't catch you using the portals.  So, typically the tanks run out to a clear spot, everyone gets pulled to them, and if a trap is in the way you get trapped.  I think the tanks were trying to run near other traps, so that people would be there when the next traps dropped, which was fine until it pulled people through traps.  We may need to rethink a bit where the tanks run with the relocation debuff.