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2022/09/14 Heroic Fated Castle Nathria part 2

Best yet, no trash epics, with two flawless kills on the first pull!

Well, ok, there's room for improvement, but still )

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[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Rampaging Giant's Chestplate[/b][/color][/url]  by Musehax
[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Colossal Plate Gauntlets[/b][/color][/url]  by Musehax from Teebobw on First line
[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Hateful Chain[/b][/color][/url]  by Alyrra
[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Crest of the Legionnaire General[/b][/color][/url]  by Teebobw
[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Oathsworn Soldier's Gauntlets[/b][/color][/url]  by Snowfrost
[*] [url=][color=#A335EE][b]Wicked Flanker's Gorget[/b][/color][/url]  by Cirne