Heroic Smoke and Mirrors!

Heroic Wrathion kill shot

Carapace shattered!

Carapace of N'zoth kill shot

So, this was Wrathion's plan?  Poke N'zoth, get him mad, and let us deal with him?

The Emerald Nightmare was merely a setback!

Il'gynoth reborn kill shot

A born again tentacle!

Now with 100% fewer tentacles!

Drest'agath kill shot

How much effort is it to get N'zoth to laugh?  I just takes ten tickles...

Void kibble leaves dog hungry!

Shad'har kill shot

Void bits are not a nutritious breakfast for your puppy.

He was Ra-den to the core

Ra-den kill shot

Two heads not better than one!

Hivemind kill shot

Who's minding the hive now?