Oracle predicts own demise!

Fallen Oracle kill shot

Which is why she named herself Fallen Oracle.

Sepulcher de-wormed!

Skolex first kill

Because every forge of afterlives has to have a worm for garbage disposal...

No longer Vigilant

Vigilant Guardian kill shot

Not as cute as Pocopoc.

Better late than never! Heroic Denathrius

Heroic Denathrius kill shot

I forgot to get a posed picture, so this is the moment of the kill and the spam of achievements.


Sylvanas kill shot

I'm sorry, I still can't talk about the cut scene...

Kel'thuzad again!

Kel'thuzad kill shot

Eighty one!

Heroic Nine kill shot

Heroic Nine is sort of nine squared, which is eighty one...I'll show myself out.