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Guild Services

In order to support Trivial, and all the things we do as a guild, some people have been kind enough to donate funds for some of the out-of-game services we use.

This page is here to both recognize and support those individuals who are looking after funding these services for us. If you would also like to help out the guild by throwing in a few dollars for these services, check the details below on how to do so:

Website Hosting

In days gone by we've run the Trivial website on home-grown servers, and other shared-hosting services and as the site and its requirements grew, we had to move to even better services than those. Now we've found a good home for Trivial's site, which is snappy and responsive, and has enough room for all that glorious Trivial content! :)

The current cost for our hosting services runs approximately US$299 per year. If you would like to help Inomi cover the costs of this, throw a few dollars into the pool over at Paypal:

Raid Parse Logs

Few people know that we are actually paying a little for our use of Warcraft Logs and World of Logs. This is mostly to maintain the historical backlog of parses that we've accumulated over the years.

Currently, our Illustrious Raid Leader, Honesty is looking after funding this. He has our most sincere thanks for doing so.

Ventrilo Server - Thank You, Dork!

Dorkina has a better way than the donate button:
Typefrag Ventrilo Donation Page & Tracker

This will show you how much has been donated. All the below still applies...and thanks to all who keep us talking.

Over the years, some folks have asked how they can contribute to paying for the vent server that Trivial uses. Our esteemed webmaster has worked out what should be an easy way: click on the button at the top of the message and send whatever you feel like sending. Just so that everyone is clear: we're not a non-profit (nor are we for-profit), so don't try writing this off on your taxes. ) It's just a way to chip in on the cost of the server.

This is completely voluntary. You are not required to contribute anything. I don't think we even have a way to track any details of who contributes what. The donation button sends the money to Dorkina, who pays the bill to Typefrag, as he has been doing for years. The vent server runs a bit more than $100/year, just to give you an idea.


Trivial is no longer using Vent for its voice communications now that Blizzard has incorporated a viable chat feature in-game, and Vent 3 is no longer supported for Mac OS.

Thank you Dorkina for all the very many years you supported Trivial with a vent server; even when you weren't actively playing WoW.

Thanks also to everyone who donated funds to help Dork keep the Trivial Vent server running.