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Master Loot era Loot policy

What is DKP?

You can think of DKP as Soulbound money used to buy the epic items dropped by raid bosses.  It is awarded for spending time and effort in attending guild raids. Alts have the same DKP as the Main; DKP earned on an alt is credited to the Main.  We use DKP on guild raids that drop "current" gear; for old raids, fun runs, etc. we may use a quicker system described below (“Non-DKP runs”).

Please note that Blizzard uses "personal loot" awards for some instances and quest items.  As those cannot be traded, they don't matter for DKP.  None will be charged or awarded for such items.

Spending & Bidding DKP:

How to bid: No addons are required to bid, save those which the Raid Leader uses (QuickDKPV2).   When the Master Looter (ML) calls for bids on an item you are interested in and eligible for, send them a whisper with the number of DKP you want to bid, up to the maximum amount of DKP that you have.

We break the bidding into two parts: “First Line” and “Open”.

First Line Bids: For first line bids, the classes and/or specs that may bid for an item will generally be limited; the decision of the Raid Leader is final as to which people may bid. The minimum bid of DKP for first line is 5.

Example:  If a plate armor piece with tank stats drops, only characters that are tanks and can wear plate will be allowed to bid first line.

Example: If a cloth armor piece dropped, and the stats did not favor a particular role (e.g., int and haste), then both healer and dps cloth wearers would be eligible for first line.

You can win only 1 epic item, and 1 tier piece/set piece token, on first line each raid.  If you have already won an item with your first line bid, you are welcome to bid on open.

Please note: If you normally play as one role (tank, healer, dps) but are asked to come for a raid in a different role, the  default is that you will use your main spec for your first line bids.  If you wish instead to use the role you are playing as, please tell the ML/RL at the beginning of the run.

Open Bids: If an item has not been won during First Line Bidding, then it goes to open, and anyone who can use the item may bid on it. The minimum bid for open is 1 DKP.

For all Bids: The person that bids the highest will win. This is a one-shot bid, the highest will win; there is no re-bid option.  Only the winner will have DKP deducted.

Our policy is that the winner of a bid will spend the next highest bid plus 1, or the minimum bid if there were no other bidders. This applies to all bids and is also done for multiples of the same item.

Example A: If two  Crown of the Lost Protector tokens drop off of the boss, for which Player A bids 40 DKP, Player B bids 50, and Player C bids 125 all on first line, then Player B and Player C would both win the item for 41 DKP. Had only Player B and Player C bid, both tokens would be won for 5 DKP.

Example B: If only one person bids on a first line item, and they bid more than the minimum bid, they will win the item for 5 DKP.  If the item goes to open bids, and only a single player bids, they will win the item and be charged 1 DKP.

If a BoE epic is won during a raid, it must be equipped. If no one bids on a BoE epic, it will be sent to the guild bank.  BoP epics will be disenchanted and the materials put in the guild bank.

Earning DKP

DKP is earned in raids.  Your accumulated DKP is listed in your Officer note in the Guild Roster.  The notes are updated at the end of a raid, so during a raid you can send a whisper to the Master Looter (ML) with “?dkp” and an automated reply (assuming the mod is in use) will give you your current totals.

Established DKP awards (updated Dec 2013, subject to further changes):


Progression Raids

“Personal Loot” Raids

Farmed Raids

Per Hour




Per Boss Kill




Farmed* Boss Kill




New Boss Kill Bonus




On-time Bonus**




Ironman Bonus***




*A "Farmed" boss is generally one that has been killed at least 3 times, one of which is a one-shot. A single raid may have both Farmed and New bosses, and the rate will be adjusted appropriately.
** Attending the raid on-time, and ready to go.
*** Once the DKP tracker starts the timer for DKP, the mod will track everyone in the raid. When the raid timer is stopped, those raiders who have been there until the end will receive the Ironman bonus. Manual adjustment will be made for players who switch to an alt at the RL's request during the raid.

Non-DKP runs

In some cases (fun runs, achievement runs, etc.) DKP will neither be generated or charged.  In these cases, looting will be set on Group loot and done via Need Before Greed (NBG).  Each person can win one item on need, and any number on greed.  Note that you can keep rolling on need until you win something.  One person will usually be asked to pick up anything left on the body and disenchant it.  Please be mindful of your fellow guildies.  If you happened to get two items off a single boss (e.g., pressed need for two of the same token and happened to win both rolls), just ask in guild chat who else wanted one and we’ll do a reroll if necessary.

Special Items / Circumstances

Over the years, Blizzard has used a number of different systems for supplying stuff in raids.  The following are special cases that have occurred and how we handle them if they occur in the future.

General bidding:

Loot from one instance does not count against allowed loot from a second instance even if it is the same raid group in the same night.  Changing difficulties is not a change of instance, even if everyone has to zone out and in again.

Rare (blue) loot is generally not an upgrade for anyone in the raid and is typically sent to the guild bank.  On the occasions where it is an upgrade, assignment will be made via a random roll.

Special circumstances may occur in which a person may win an item by default and fall into a negative DKP range. This negative value will be suggested by the Master Looter and participating Officers will agree on a fair value.

If the ML wishes to bid on the item, they will either identify another officer to take the bids (if bidding is being done manually) or enter their bid into the addon before any other bids are sent.

Patterns/crafting items:

The general goal is to get patterns and crafting materials into the hands of characters who can and will use them in order to improve the guild's capabilities. Crafting materials will be looted by the ML and placed in the guild bank. The HC will then develop a distribution methodology for each relevant tier of content. When the guild supplies a raider with an item made from a crafting material found only in raids, the player must supply the remainder of the materials.  No DKP will be charged for these items.

Patterns are distributed by a random/100 roll to eligible characters in the raid. In order to be eligible, characters must be Members, have the appropriate profession at the required skill level, and, if the result of the pattern is BoP, be able to use the item produced in their primary raid role. In the case of patterns that produce BoE items, rolls for (only) the first of those patterns that drops for the guild will be restricted to officers.

Patterns that are BoE will be learned on the spot once distributed. BoE patterns that are not distributed during a raid will be sent to the guild bank.

If a pattern is only obtainable through the expenditure of a raiding crafting material (such as Primordial Saronite), the HC will decide if and how to supply them to the guild’s crafters.

On rare occasions, the Raid Leader may approve distributing a pattern to someone who is close to having the required skill level.

"Personal" Bind-on-Equip Trash Epics:

As of patch 6.2, Blizzard changed how trash epics worked so that instead of them being under the control of the Master Looter, they now are distributed via Personal Loot.  This change was to combat abusive PUG Raid Leaders.  However, since guild raiding is fundamentally a group activity, Trivial's leadership and members agreed that these items will be treated as group loot and subject to our existing loot system.  BoE Trash epics will be bid on via our DKP system and given to the winner.  The individual that the Personal Loot system originally awarded the item to will receive no additional compenseation.  

Quest items:

Items that drop and start quests ( Key to the Focusing IrisMagtheridon's Head etc) are distributed in descending order based on Lifetime DKP of the present raiders. Your lifetime DKP can be found in your note on the guild roster.

Miscellaneous Items:

Items such as bags and mounts useable by all (e.g., the  Large Satchel of Spoils  or  Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth) are distributed by a random /100 roll.

Legendary Items:

Legendary items are always a special case. How they are distributed will depend on their method of acquisition. Each Legendary will be distributed on a case by case basis. Factors such as attendance, contributions to Trivial, length of time with Trivial, overall involvement in the fabric of the guild, Class skill, and Game knowledge are all considered, but they are not the only elements that go into a final decision. Each Legendary item will be decided upon before we reach a point in the relevant Tier of content when the item can be obtained or a quest line begins.

Legendary items are not just a very powerful item awarded to a single player. They are also goals for the entire guild to achieve and a symbol that everyone can be proud of.

Other Notes:

There are many variations of DKP and looting system. We will use this system until changed. No DKP system will satisfy all guild members 100% of the time. DKP procedures are continually reviewed and are subject to change.

If you are newly accepted into Trivial, you will be on an 'Initiate' period in which you can accumulate DKP but not be able to spend it on a first line bid. After the trial period is over, usually within 2-3 weeks, you will be able to spend DKP on items.

Pre-arranged loot distribution among members of a class, or between classes, in order to continually bid the minimal DKP is not tolerated. This is grounds for disciplinary actions which will include removal from the guild. Do NOT 'modify' nor corrupt the DKP bidding system.

DKP can only be used in raids and only on items that drop in the raid. Items that have been sent to the guild bank will be held for a time and are available for purchase at (generally) half the going rate. Afterwards, they will be sold on the Auction House to help fund Trivial raiding.

If you win an item in a Trivial raid, the guild will supply you with the gems for its sockets. Trivial will also supply epic enchanting mats for use on weapons won in Trivial raids. This is subject to availability of materials. The guild will not supply gems or enchanting materials for items obtained via Justice or Valor Points (including Tier pieces) or PVP.

All items won via Bonus Roll during a raid (BoE or otherwise) are considered to be personal loot, and not subject to this policy, as player-earned currency is spent to acquire them.

We have not established a policy for standby DKP.

The Raid Leader is the final word on each run and should not be subject to verbal abuse or disrespect. Be mindful of how you conduct yourself. We all play this game for enjoyment and it is not an easy task to raid lead, so take that into consideration when you address your issue with RL.

Concerns about loot priority, looting in general, or specific loot issues should be directed to Trivial's High Council.  Most loot issues are best addressed before or after a raid rather than during one.  The guild website has a Loot Prioritization forum for discussion of loot issues.