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Raid Signups

Signing up for Raids with the In-Game Calendar
Trivial is currently using the in-game Calendar for raid signups.

All raiding mains (members, officers, initiates) are added to the list when the Raid Leader (RL) sets up the raid. When you log in as that character, the calendar button on your minimap will be flashing. Click on that button, it will show you a calendar. Any of the days that have a ? on them have events you are invited to. Click on one of those events and choose 'accept' or 'decline.' If you click 'accept' you are signing up for the raid.

Same rules apply as for all raids:

  • Please only sign up for the night(s) that you are available and know you can commit to a raid.
  • If you can't be there on time, or have to leave early, please send an in-game mail to the raid leader.
  • If you want to sign up as standby, you'll also need to accept and send an in-game mail to the RL. It wouldn't hurt to let your Role Captain know as well.
  • About a day before the scheduled raid, Role Captains will work out the rotations of people in their Role.
  • Please do NOT remove yourself from a raid invite. The list of invited raiders is used to form the list for the following weeks invites. If you remove yourself from the invite, you may be overlooked and miss out on an opportunity to raid If you cannot attend, please decline the invitation instead.

Here are what the status codes mean for the 25 man raids:

  • [Invited] A raid is scheduled and your character (what should be your main) is invited to sign up.
  • [Accepted] You've signed up to attend the raid. We can count on you. [Declined] means that you can't make it.
  • [Confirmed] You are going on the raid.
  • [Standby] You are on standby, if someone doesn't show up you are on tap. Note--sometimes the RL doesn't get input from an RC in time, and people may be in the 'Accepted' status at raid time, rather than in Confirmed or Standby. In that case, decisions of who will be going will be made by the RL.
  • [Out] Only people that are on the list in the calendar can see it; this status is used for alts so the RL can manage the list from other characters.
  • [Tenative] means that you're unsure what your availability will be for that night. If the raid is full, you will be placed on Standby.
  • A 'Confirmed' status only saves your spot up until the raid start time, after that point people start getting brought in from standby. On-time bonus will be awarded before we start inviting people who did not sign up, if that is necessary--so if you are a 'Standby' and are invited to the raid you still get the on-time bonus if you are there at the start time.

* If you have trouble, please ask here or in guild chat, there are lots who can help.
** You can also use this tool to schedule other instances, please be clear when setting up the event what it is for.