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Trivial Guild & Personal Information

Trivial Guild collects and stores some personal information about its users. This includes, but is not limited to email address, ip address, gender, etc. All users have full access to their user profile, and may remove / change this information at any time. A valid email address is required for account creation, cancellation, and maintenance.

The information provided is used solely for the purpose of administering the Trivail Guild website, and is not disclosed to any party outside the user themselves, Trivial Guild's Officers & High Council, or law enforcement as required.

We use cookies! But only as part of the login process to verify that you are who you say you are. We do not use them for advertising, and we don't use third-party apps like Google Analytics for user tracking. What "tracking" we do have is strictly related to features like "recently viewed" / "recently posted" content. Page / Post counters are aggregate data, and do not tie back to individual users. We do have 3rd party services embedded in the site, such as Blizzard APIs, Wowhead, and Google reCAPTCHA that may or may not use cookies or collect personal data. If you do not wish to use these services alongside the Trivial Guild website, we recommend blocking Third-Party cookies via your browser.

Cancelling your account? If at any time you wish to cancel your account with Trivial Guild, you may do so. This will remove all personally identifiable information associated with your account, and assign content you have created to an "Anonymous" user. If you wish that your content also be removed along with your account, please contact prior to initiating account cancellation, so this can be accommodated. At the time of account cancellation, not all information about a user will be removed. Information such as IP address may stil remain in our website's logs. As this information is not directly linked to your account within our system, we cannot immediately remove it. However, all log-based data is automatically purged every 3-6 months, and is used only for website / system maintenance. You may rest assured that it will be deleted.

Just dropping by? Please note that your IP address may be logged. However, as mentioned previously, it is used solely for the purpose of system administration, and is automatically purged every 3-6 months.