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Trivial: History, Present, and Future


Trivial started out as the remnants of a guild called "Elyseum". Elyseum was formed from a merger of three guilds: Twilight Legacy, Imperium Multi, and Archons. Not too long after the merger, the guild was unexpectedly disbanded by its GM.

Many of the now unguilded members of Elyseum were not willing to call it quits. Within weeks, most of the hopefuls had regrouped and discussions of a new guild began.. a guild that would have its own identity yet carry a "piece" of its tri-guild past. (Note that the name 'Trivial' should now have a slightly different meaning.) The guild names of "Dominion" and "Trivial" were passed back and forth in the discussions. "Dominion" was not possible due to already being in use, so "Trivial" won out.

Raiding potential was achieved after a merge with another guild of similar size and goals, "Crusaders of the Fallen". With Crusaders came additional players with strong backgrounds, better class balance, more raiders, and new leadership ideas. For most, if not all of the original founding members, Trivial reminds them of the significance of the past and determination of its members.


Leadership of the new guild, Trivial, did the absolute best to avoid the same fate as Elyseum. To that effect, some important precautions were taken during drafting and implementation of the guild leadership structure:
a.) Avoidance of any person(s) from becoming too 'important' or 'powerful' in the guild.
b.) Emphasize FUN and Real Life as part of World of Warcraft
c.) Treatment of others with dignity, courtesy, and honesty

Other ideas have since then made their way into the mentality of Trivial leadership, but those first three paved the way..

From Idea A, Trivial's main executive group is split into a 5 person Council. Major decisions and votes occur when a majority of Yays/Nays are reached. A system of Class Captains and Lieutenants was created to distribute class specific leadership and responsibilities.

From Idea B, Trivial emphasizes Real Life is greater than WoW. Guild members are highly encouraged to raid but are not required to do so. Raiding participation provides many advantages, many of which are not listed: raid loot priority, guild recognition, and Officer material recognition. Breaks from raiding, from Officer duties, and even WoW are encouraged and supported if FUN disappears from the equation. Be mindful however, that returning raiders are eagerly included when possible.

From Idea C, Trivial has a Code of Conduct that members are expected to follow. All players should have equal opportunity to enjoy the game yet not hamper others' enjoyment. The Code of Conduct is basic gaming etiquette and is not meant to restrain members from having fun. Leadership of Trivial is expected to follow the CoC yet maintain a slightly higher level of behaviorial standards. Leading by example is encouraged of Trivial's Officers.

This and That

For better or worse, some characteristics you may find while in Trivial:

Trivial is a guild led by and intended for players who like to raid yet maintain a life outside WoW. It is not a suitable guild for hardcore raiders who live, eat, breathe, and dream about WoW. Due to greater emphasis on FUN and raiding, Trivial raids for progression AND a good time. Rarely will raiders get raid kicked for lackluster performance or unintentional wipes. Trivial is not run by Hitler or any totalitarians; leadership will not tell raiders when they can eat, sleep, or piss. If you believe wiping on old content is completely unacceptable, expect some difficulties adjusting.

Trivial is led by players who value committment, generosity, and honesty. Dishonesty and unfair practices are the bane of Trivial's leadership and will be dealt with quickly. Expect leadership to be honest and forthright, items contributed to the guild vault are NOT used to benefit a sole beneficiary. As for generosity from leadership, Trivial's leaders can be very forgiving, almost to a fault. Former members have been reinvited into Trivial without harsh conditions or restrictions. Member generosity has been exemplified by passing on loot, donations of items, and forgiveness of past grudges.

Guild leadership recognizes chatting in the game is part of having fun. As a result, guild chat subjects can range from comical to naughty at times. The majority of our members are males with healthy imaginations. Mature language may be used to express ideas and beliefs. With that said, members tend to police each other in chat. Guild chat is usually acceptable for ages Teen through Mature. Don't expect 100% clean chat topics. Do expect vulgar language, ideas, and expressions kept OUT of guild chat most of the time.

Looking Ahead

Trivial seeks to maintain a solid, stable guild in which players can enjoy WoW and have fun. Members of Trivial will be encouraged to participate in new content raids as well as guild events. Leadership is ready to adapt to new gameplay mechanics as they are introduced, as players and as a guild.

Older content will not be forgotten...there may be excursions into older content with more challenging setups to keep such content enjoyable, challenging, and fun.

Expect core ideas of honesty, fair play, trust, and fun to be carried into the future...those will not be changed. Leadership is intent on serving the greater good of Trivial to the best of their play time.

Where You Fit In

Applicants, initiates, and new members can expect to be treated fairly, justly, and honestly. New, former, old, and young players will find Trivial a great place to call home and have FUN while raiding or PVPing. Players looking for a guild with leadership that is respectable and open-minded will find a place in Trivial. Players looking for permission on when to breathe, sub-atomic picture-perfect raid performance 100% of the time, or wanting to stir up drama should look elsewhere.

- Trivial, Leadership & Members