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Q)  What is Discord?
A)  Discord is a multi-functional communications platform that allows you to communicate via either written, spoken, or visual means with fellow members of the community

Q)  How do I get Discord?
A)  You can download Discord from the following locations.
Desktop Platforms
Note:  The Windows client is only for Windows 7 and Above, Windows XP and older will need to use the web based client or mobile client below.
For Windows 7 and Above

Mobile Platforms

Join via Browser on any platform

Q)  I'm now a member on Discord, how do I join Trivial-Guild to start collaborating?
A)  Please see the Guild Info tab in game for the most recent server invite code.  Once you have a server invite code the server can be added within the client you are utilizing to join us on Trivial's little slice of the internet.

Q)  How do I see an overlay of who is talking when I am joined into one of the voice channels?
A)  If you go to your user settings in Discord, you will find the desired options most of the way down the menu under Activity Settings

Q)  Can I help?
A)  Right now, the best way to help is to boost the server if you have a Nitro subscription

Q)  What does boosting the server do?
A)  Boosting the server allows for the server to have access to higher quality Audio/Video streams as well as access to more icons as well as larger file uploads depending on the level the server is at.



Problem)  Voicechat Overlay isn't working on MacOS
Work Around)  Discord does not natively support MacOS overlaying at this point.  People are suggesting utilizing Thor Launcher to regain this functionality
Note)  Said work around needs confirmation on its functionality and on what version of MacOS it works on if at all.

Problem) When in voice chat, a person is too loud or too quiet compared to others
Work Around) Right/Alt click on the person's name and in the menu that comes up for said person you can adjust their individual volume to better suit your experience